31 thoughts on “DIY isolation, retraction, and evacuation with an HVE tip and two saliva ejectors

  1. Do you have a more rigid hose for HVE suction. This looks very smart, I just feel it would be awkward trying to hold HVE suction while power scaling.

  2. I have been trying to find something to use when using the prophet-jet as I hate the powder getting everywhere, including all over me. I will have to try this and see if it helps. Thanks!

  3. I really wanna try it but how does it not get in the way of the high speed or low speed during composite

  4. Agree with Debbie donleavy. It’d be nice to see video of scaling cavitron/pjet while holding suction unless you had luxury of assistant (?)

  5. A fellow RDH and I shoved a mirror head in with the 2 low speed tips no problem. Works like a charm. Thanks for the idea!

    • If possible, can you send me photo. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your modification.

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