2 thoughts on “Joe Rogan and Dental Health

  1. Why are dental hygienists so tied to dental floss when the scientific evidence clearly shows that string floss isn’t as effective as we would like it to be and people just don’t like to floss. We’re lucky if 20% of the population flosses daily.

    Time to let go of the string floss tradition and focus on interdental cleaning with whatever works. Cleaning between the teeth is important, but what people use is their choice. Some will pick string floss and many others will pick another option if you offer it. Bottom line – offer options.

  2. The only thing that the Kardashians have ever done is poke fun at their sister for having obvious facial paralysis after dental local anesthesia. Health and especially oral health isn’t a very lucrative avenue for most celebs to invest unless it’s whitening! Have you seen the advertising with the whitening trays and light on social media? That is why most patients who come in like Joe Rogan are often asking just for whitening. It’s so unfortunate! We could really get some leverage if we had their backing.

    I totally agree with Trisha. There are so many dental professionals stuck on one tool. Let’s expand our horizons and get focused on the bottom line- the patient’s health not our personal preference.

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