Bite block that holds a saliva ejector in place


I just picked up these bite blocks from eBay last week ($7 for 5).  I haven’t used them on a patient yet, but here are my initial thoughts so far.  Stay tuned for a full review in the next few weeks.

1. The bite block places the saliva ejector in a more ideal location compared to its competitors.

2. The bite is relatively firm, but not crazy firm like some bite blocks I’ve used.  Bite blocks in general tend to be too firm in my opinion.

3. Part of the bite block has an “edge” to it, but I didn’t notice it when placing it in my mouth.

4. I will be using my favorite saliva ejector (the Total Comfort saliva ejector – shown in photos below) when testing which produces little to no tissue suck.

5. The bite block comes in one size.

Total Comfort saliva ejector vs. standard saliva ejector


IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0474 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0487 IMG_0492

Mark Frias, RDH


7 thoughts on “Bite block that holds a saliva ejector in place

  1. LOVE! I barely use isolation systems, maybe twice, and a few of your blogs have made me want one.
    I have to say you have demonstrated amazing ideas. (One high and two low suctions tips!)
    Bravo yet again!

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