Are raisins really bad for your teeth?


It was strongly emphasized in my hygiene school that raisins promote tooth decay for two reasons; one, they are full of sugar and two, they are sticky.  It was a favorite question on quizzes and tests.  I was a little skeptical, but didn’t question it at the time.  Now I do.  One of the many pieces of information I came across is the 4 minute video you see below from  Overall, raisins are a pretty healthy food, and shouldn’t be avoided if you like them.  Personally, I hate raisins, but that’s neither here or there : ).

An overarching issue that is related to the raisin question is the current paradigm that “sugar” is the enemy of general health.  I’m not convinced of that paradigm.  It’s not that simple.  I eat the shit out of fruits and vegetables that contain mostly “carbs”.  There’s a big difference between a lollipop and an apple when it comes to health benefits.  It’s overly simplistic to conclude that something is bad for you just because it contains “sugar”.  Nutrition is way more complex than that.  Don’t be a simpleton.  Eat some raisins, or in my case, apples.





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