CordEze – My initial thoughts

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What is it?
It’s a wristband that attaches your ultrasonic scaler cord to your wrist. This allows your wrist/arm, as opposed to your fingers, to take on the weight of your ultrasonic scaler’s cord, which is relatively heavy.

The Good
1. It actually works. The cord feels VERY light when your wrist is taking on the weight.
2. It’s comfortable to wear all day.
3. It’s autoclavable
4. It’s immediately available because it’s on your wrist.
5. It’s reasonably priced.
6. It’s designed by a dental hygienist : ).

The Bad
1. I own three scalers. Two Parkell Integras and one Lil’ Beaver scaler. The Parkell has a relatively thin cord and the Lil’ Beaver has a pretty thick cord (see photos below). Placing the Lil’ Beaver’s cord into the CordEze was a little difficult (the Parkell was easy).


Mark Frias, RDH

7 thoughts on “CordEze – My initial thoughts

  1. I love the idea of it.
    It did not work for me. I change sides with each patient. I am somewhat ambidextrous in that way, while moving around to the opposite side during each patien-t for me- was not convenient. However for the majority of hygienists, it will work nicely.

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