Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS – Owner/Founder of MadUltrasonics LLC


In today’s video podcast, I had a great conversation with Madalyn about the products and services her company offers and the topic of power scaling in general.  I just started using MadUltrasonic 25k magnetostrictive inserts and they are great so far.  Stay tuned for future product reviews.  Below is a chronological breakdown of our conversation.  Madalyn’s knowledge of power scaling equipment runs deep and wide!

Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS

Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS


Video Podcast

00:00 Timeline of Madalyn’s dental hygiene career
04:05 Overview of the products and services provided by MadUltrasonics
06:18 Do most manufacturers offer repair services for their own products?
10:45 Diamond coated tips?
11:53 Why start the business?  What was missing in the market at the time?
18:48 There are so many poor performing products on the market!
20:38 Rebuilding and recycling inserts
22:11 Can you rebuild other brands?
22:50 Prices
24:43 The need to have your scaler tuned or retuned
28:00 Standard universal insert vs. triple bend insert
29:00 Beavertail insert
31:30 Does the bending of the triple bend insert affect performance?
32:43 Power scaling vs. hand scaling
36:18 Magnetostrictive vs. piezo
40:23 Are manual tune scalers better?
42:44 What’s the practical difference between a 25k and 30k insert?
46:43 What are the common mistakes hygienists make when power scaling?
54:40 Testing for worn inserts
57:24 Hygienists buying their own instruments
1:03:14 Air polishing
1:06:07 Are left and right inserts necessary?
1:09:13 Implant insert
1:11:20 Perioscope


Mark Frias, RDH

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