Hygienists should start their mornings with a green smoothie!


Today’s blog post is a little different.  I’ve decided to start sharing my thoughts on two other passions I have, fitness (mostly cycling) and nutrition.  If you only care about the dental hygiene stuff, don’t worry, these type posts will only happen every now and then.  I would love to hear your feedback either way : ).  In this video, I demonstrate how I make the green smoothie that I drink every morning.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and/or my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/konarocky


5 thoughts on “Hygienists should start their mornings with a green smoothie!

  1. Hey Mark! I make myself and hubs a green smoothie every work day. Banana- fresh or frozen, kale, micro greens, fresh or frozen fruit, kefir. We depend on it!! Great info!
    I have a vitamix!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of sugar with very few greens! With that much sugar, I bet it tastes great, but is it really healthy?

    • Hi Trish,

      The majority of sugar is coming from whole fruits, which I believe is very healthy. The only added sugar is the cane sugar in the almond milk, but that can be replaced with unsweetened nut milk or just water. I’ve been on a whole food, plant based diet since April 2015, which is high carb. I’m not convinced by the current low carb paradigm. High carb vegan is the way to go IMO. And because I cycle everyday I’m not concerned about adding a little sugar to my diet. Check out this 3 minute video about fruit. http://youtu.be/nU_RkeA88DY

  3. So glad to hear about other plant based eating machines! And a RDH to boot!!! I’ve been vegan for about 5 years now and enjoy a smoothie every morning on my way to work. It keeps me full and energized the whole morning. I also use organic and non gmo. Almond Milk, Banana, Spinach (or other greens such as kale), Carrot, Mixed Berry Blend, Frozen Mango, Fresh Pineapple, Vega Protein Powder, Green Powder, Hemp, Chia, Flax Seed and water if needed. It’s about 24 ounces of fuel. I have a blendtec and the best investment for all kinds of foods, hummus, guac, salsa, soups, etc.
    I heard you mention fresh fruit, I’ve done that before but you must add crushed ice and it tastes great! I agree the smoothie must be COLD!

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