The business side of perioscopy with Frances Tryon, RDH and Peggy Chesser, RDH, BA

Frances and Peggy both own independent perioscopy businesses.  In this video podcast, we discuss the following topics.

Video Timeline
0:00 What are you currently doing with the perioscope?

2:40 How did you first discover the perioscope?

7:22 What was your path to perioscopy and what were some of the challenges you experienced along the way?

13:98 Have you treated patients with the perioscope who have had blind SRP in the past (by you or others) and if so, what was the difference?

15:45 Do you think SRP with the perioscope should be the standard of care?

18:50 Do you utilize hand scaling at all with the perioscope?

19:45 How is perioscopy typically billed?

19:11 What’s the price difference between blind SRP and SRP with the perioscope from the patients’ perspective?

23:14 What is the learning curve for being proficient with the perioscope?

29:54 How do you market your perioscope service?

33:25 What’s the better market for perioscopy? Periodontists or general dentists?

41:15 Have you received any negative feedback from dentists who you’ve offered this service to? If so, what are some examples of that?

47:20 What’s the average per use operating cost for the perioscope?

49:04 How well have patients accepted this higher cost treatment?

51:34 Buying a perioscope.

57:23 Laser vs. perioscope

1:01:25 What advice do you have for any hygienist who is considering a perioscopy business?

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