September giveaway! Two ContactEZ Hygienist Strips!

– Two ContactEZ Hygienist Strips.  I haven’t tried this product yet myself, but it looks promising.  I’m receiving some samples in a few weeks from Practicon Dental, so I decided to just make it this month’s giveaway prize.  Here’s the description from the manufacturer, “ContactEZ Hygienist Strips are non-abrasive, flexible, stainless steel strips that quickly and easily remove coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine stains from teeth.  The single-handed, ergonomic strips are thinner than dental floss and efficiently clean without damaging enamel.  Polishing perforations and serrated edges are perfect for interproximal tartar removal. Safe to use on crowns and veneers. Each pack contains 8 autoclavable strips.”

Two easy steps to enter.
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The winner will be chosen on Thursday September 10th and will be announced here in the comments section.  Good luck!

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ContactEZ Hygienist Strips

74 thoughts on “September giveaway! Two ContactEZ Hygienist Strips!

  1. Autoclavable??? Very interesting. It makes it more cost effective to do it that way for sure but how long do they last?

    • We’ll see. I’m hoping they perform well and last a decent amount of time. If so, it may be a game changer. Even thin sickles sometimes struggle to get into tight contacts.

  2. These could be amazing! I just started at a new office and the Doctor wanted me to remove ALL the staining on a heavy smoker. He had inter proximal staining and it was seriously taking forever. These strips would have saved me so much time.

  3. These look amazing!!!! I have used “finishing strips” in the past and they work great for interproximal stain. Because these are autoclavable, and can be used many times-they will be interesting to try. Thanks for the info Mark!!

  4. I would love to have more experience with these. It seems like they would be effective and the fact that they are autoclavable is a bonus. Thanks, Mark!

  5. These look very interesting! I’m excited to try them. Is there a website where I could research them. I’d like to get my hands on some whether I win the giveaway or not, haha!

  6. These sound like something I could definitely use! Especially for patients with tenacious interproxiaml stain! Do they help removed calculus as well!?

  7. This would make my job so much easier and gentler for my patients who have lots of interproximal staining. I’m excited for this new product!!

  8. Looks promising not only for the stain removal but for that little spicule of calculus an instrument is still too wide to get to.

  9. Neat concept! Love that they are sterilizable/reusable, that they have a little holder (making it easier to use than finishing strips), and how cool is it that they are capable of removing IP calculus that sickles can leave behind!

  10. I’m game to try new things! I would love to see how they work and how long they last! Let me know if I’m a winner!!! ???

  11. Sounds like a very helpful little tool to make a hygienist’s life a little bit easier!
    Need to try these out and tell RDH’s of the world .

  12. We have just started using these. They work great. Like the finishing strips, you have to be watching the edge closely so you don’t get the papilla. We have one pack to share between four hygienists. Extras would be awesome! They do last through several uses. Eventually they will get bent and just not work very well.

  13. I have been researching these and telling my fellow professionals about them! I would be very excited to try one! They don’t believe me that they do not reduce the contact size. Help me prove them wrong!

  14. I have used these ones from someone else and they are incredible! I would love to know how to purchase these! I clicked on the link, sent me somewhere else! Thank you!!

  15. I have seen these but haven’t been able to try then yet. I love finishing strips and these look to be a better alternative!

  16. All I can say is this product looks awesome and I def got happy reading about it. Anyone of us would be luck and greatful for a product like this .

  17. Ideally sealents should be placed with a dental assistant present, but that just isn’t realistic in most dental offices these days. I would love to try this product out with dental sealents since keeping the tooth isolated and dry is the most important and difficult step of the procedure!

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