free giveaway for hygienists only! Parkell Burnett Power Tip (magnetostrictive)

For a chance to win a free Parkell Burnett Power Tip ($145.50 value), all you have to do is be a subscriber to this blog, post a comment below and be a dental hygienist.  That’s it! The winner will be chosen and posted here on Sunday February 15th.  Good luck!

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The Parkell Burnett Power tip is the primary tip I have been using for the last 5+ years.  At least 80% of all my scaling is done with this tip.  It is by far the best tip I have ever used.  See my product review here: Power Tip 

35 thoughts on “ free giveaway for hygienists only! Parkell Burnett Power Tip (magnetostrictive)

  1. Mark, thank you for all of the valuable information you share with hygienists. Sharing best practices helps all of us do the best for our patients and practice smart.


    Karen Siebert, RDH

  2. Excited for another avenue of reading opinions, experiences and product information that’s not necessarily from a rep!

  3. Hey Mark! Hope to get a chance to try out this tip! You’ve been raving about it a lot! Its great reading your site and watching your videos. Very informative. Keep up the great work!

  4. New to your blog but can’t wait to read your reviews! I’ve been an RDH for about two and a half years now so I’m still learning so much and I’m really appreciative to stumble across blogs like this.

  5. Mark,
    Its great to come across a blog like this.. cant wait to read some reviews.
    Excited to see what this tip has to offer would be great for scaling

  6. hi there ! :)
    My name is Stephanie and I work at an office in Indiana called Angel Smiles Dental. We see patients of any age and we take Medicaid patients also. If I did not have my ultra sonic I would have some sore hands and wrists. The feeling of watching the patients see the results of their cleanings is the most rewarding part of my job. Yes I am one of those poeple who loves their jobs so much. I feel like between our hours, pay, and patient feedback we have one of the best jobs in the world. I would love to win this tip ! it would help me with my SRPs. Smile ! It’s contagious !!

  7. This is awesome! Love keeping posted and uo to date on current hygiene instruments! :) just graduated with my degree in hygiene 7 months ago and I’ve been working full time ever since! Love the blog for on the go reading in my busy life! Thank you!:)

  8. New LDH, would love some fun new instruments! At one of my offices it is a struggle to get any new equipment! Thanks!!!

  9. This would be awesome to use for my upcoming board exam! Unfortunately in school we’re limited to what instruments we’re exposed to, and winning this instrument would be a wonderful opportunity to experience what else is out there.

    • T. Lana Renfroe,

      You are this month’s winner of the Parkell Burnett Power Tip! I just emailed you with additional info. Thank you.


  10. I was just hired about a year ago at an office that had mainly parkell ultrasonic tips. I honestly hadn’t heard of them prior. It was great to get to try them out and see for first hand how they really did work great! I loved the universal tip which could access almost anywhere :)

  11. The February winner is T. Lana Renfroe!

    There will be a free giveaway every month. To be notified of future giveaways, subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already. The prize for next month will be two American Eagle XP instruments!

  12. Hi there!
    Hygienist from Canada here. I’ve never tried a cavitron tip lol this and Id like to! Being a hygienist that temps a lot I’ve had many opportunities to try out different products. I find that this has really added value to my experience so far. I find a lot of the hygienists that know j do this come to me to ask about new products they want to try and ask about my opinion. One of my biggest testing points is ergonomics- as I want to have a long and fulfilled career. I’d love to try this tip and add it to my list of great things! Thanks for your blog.

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